A blend of six super strains of fungal spores, Piranha maximizes yield and crop health by promoting the symbiosis between beneficial fungi and their plants. Beneficial fungi grow on the roots, forming vast networks of mycelium, the filaments that transport nutrients back to the plant.
• Helps absorption of nutrients
• Triggers immune system
• Protects plants from root rot, insects and pathogenic fungi
• Expands root surface area up to 700%
• Promotes faster flowering, higher yields
• 1.4 billion spores per gram ensures fast results
Piranha is a purely mycorrhizal product; it contains fungal spores. The spores remain dormant until they encounter the specialized carbohydrates exuded from roots. The moment you add Piranha to your garden, the spores go to work, feeding and protecting the roots of your crops. We also make Tarantula and Voodoo Juice, beneficial bacterial strains that work great with Piranha.
Use Piranha from the start of a garden, at germination or at transplanting. For the first two weeks of growth, use Piranha at 2 ml per litre of water.
Piranha can be discontinued at the third week into a blooming cycle. Piranha can also be applied as a foliar spray.
DO NOT use with Hy-Ox or with hot water.
Available in 1 litre. Also available in powder form.

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