AIR BOX STEALTH EDITION are the new generation of air filters. These activated carbon granules are an absorbent with well developed pore structure allowing for a range of absorbent retention. Activated carbon is particularly well suited for the removal of organic contaminants and precious metal recovery. Obliterate bad air for once and for all.

Airbox STEALTH’S Features include:

  • Easy to install, easy to use, easy to maintain
  • Adapts to any duct/filtering system
  • Replaceable high-flow carbon filters
  • 100% premium virgin coconut charcoal
  • 100% airtight, continuous worry-free operation
  • 100% of the filter surface area is used
  • 500 to 3500 CFM (available in 4″, 6”, 8”, 10”, 12”)
  • For commercial or residential use
  • Made in the United States
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