calcium magnesium supplement
BioThrive vegan plant food formulas BioThrive Grow and Bloom supplemented with CaMg+, form the foundation of the General Organics line. With this solid foundation, and the rest of the General Organics additives, you have the building blocks for a successful garden.

CaMg+ is the ideal supplement to provide a natural source of Calcium and Magnesium, critical elements in a plants growth cycle. CaMg+ is biologically catalyzed from oyster shell, dolomite lime and natural plant extracts. Through the use of organic compounds, CaMg+ increases calcium and magnesium transport into the plants. This optimizes plant metabolism, enhancing growth and creating healthier flowers and fruits.

Biothrive can be used as a standalone fertilizer when oyster shell or other sources of calcium are present in the potting mix, or if there is an abundance of calcium present in the water e.g. hard water.

In situations with RO water or in soilless media, which contains no calcium, use CaMg+ in addition to BioThrive to get all of the nutrients required for vigorous plant growth. Available in: 1 Pint • 1 Quart • 1 Gallon • 2.5 Gallon • 6 Gallon

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