The COGR range is a proven system that is rapidly becoming the method of choice for growing in coco slabs in Holland. At the heart of this system are compressed un-buffered slabs of coco that require you, the grower, to soak with the special COGr buffering agent and then feed with a dedicated COGR Vega feed during the vegetative stage switching to COGR Flores during the flowering period. These nutrients contain added humic and fulvic acids for improved nutrient uptake as well as silicon for increased resistance to pests and disease.

For growers wanting to use this system in pots you simply buffer the slabs in the normal way and then empty the contents out into pots. Each slab makes between 21 – 25 litres of coco when decompressed. A 1 Litre pack of COGR Buffering Agent dilutes to 500 Litres, one application per crop. A 2 Litre pack of Canna COGR nutrients (1 Litre A, 1 Litre B) makes up 250 Litres of full strength nutrient. Universal formulation for hard and soft water.

COGr Vega is the nutrient that is specially intended for the nutrient that needs to be used during the growing period. This ensures healthy and strong plants that produce long, vigorous growth shoots.

COGr Vega is a complete professional nutrient for plants containing all the essential elements for optimal growing.

COGr nutrition also contains pH-stabilisers, silicon, humic and fulvic acids. COGr in combination with COGr growing medium is the nutrient for the experienced and demanding grower.

Available in1ltr and 5 ltr

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