Plants require sugar and carbohydrates in order to have enough energy for intense flowering periods and rigorous growth.The logical solution would be to just add sugar to your nutrient solution right? Many have tried this and often molasses is used as a simple sugar additive. The problem with this is that the sugar is not as easily taken in by plants in this form.You would be better to add a carbohydrate additive which is designed to make these carbohydrate supplements easy for the plant to take in. Often, these products will not have an NPK, or any other ingredients that are harmful to plants if overused. This also means that they can be added at all stages of growth.
By using these additives, you can expect your plants to have sweeter tasting fruits, increase their essential oils, and nourish your plants to prepare them for intense flowering periods.
If possible look for a carbohydrate additive that is organic, and combines easily with the rest of your nutrient line. Available in 60g, 230g & 1.5g

Benefits of Carbo Logic

  1. Organic
  2. Sweeter tasting fruits
  3. Increase in essential oils
  4. Immediate source of natural energy
  5. Ensures beneficial bacteria and fungi have sufficient food
    during initial organic matter degradation
  6. Enables plants to have sufficient carbohydrates during
    intense flowering for a maximum yield.
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