Clearing solutions are designed to flush nutrient build up and lock out, especially caused by salts. They will effectively treat water that has been over fertilized and reduce damage caused from over fertilization. As well it can be used as a preventative to rejuvenate plants to allow nutrients to become readily available again. Using clearing solutions will dissolve any built up minerals and salts in plants which will improve the flavour of fruits and vegetables prior to harvest. It will diminish plant stress by restoring balance between plants and growing media.
DNF CLEAR is an effective water treatment for water based and soil less gardens. It will dissolve any built up minerals salts in plants improving flavour of fruits and vegetables prior to harvest. DNF Clear prepares plants for harvest and drying. This super concentrated solution will help induce a final growth spurt in plants. One application of DNF Clear may be all that is required to correct over fertilization toxicity.
Can be used to correct over fertilization toxicity in one application once cycled for two days. Works in effectively in both hydroponic or soiless gardens. Ideal for indoor and outdoor crop cultivation.
Used regularly at the end of week 4 of the flowering cycle to clean roots to help plants with better uptake of nutrients during remaining flowering weeks. Available in 1, 4 & 10ltr

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