FORMERLY HYDROFUNGICIDE, SAME GREAT PRODUCT, NEW NAME The product of the 21st Century Water Based Biological Root Zone Therapy Use weekly to keep reservoir sparkling and promote a healthy root zone and daily to clean up a problem reservoir. Ensure DNF Hydro Sparkle is in contact with the whole root zone.

Do not use in conjunction with other root zone treatments, stimulants or preventatives.

DNF Hydro Sparkle has proven to be one of the most amazing products available to hydroponic growers. It enhances the growth and general well-being of hydroponic plants by destroying micro-organisms in the root-zone, without harming the plants or having a toxic effect. It’s the perfect solution to clear the pesky grunge that forms in reservoirs. DNF Hydro Sparkle is safe to use in all stages of growth so go ahead and apply to give the roots some extra attention! Use it to clean up a problem reservoir and regularly to prevent future problems. DNF Hydro Sparkle is bio-degradable and completely non-toxic to any other forms of life. It was developed by an Australian Chemist who has developed a number of products for the purpose of destroying fungi, yeast and bacteria. Growths of fungi may be caused by low oxygen levels or a slight shift in the pH level. You will find after use that you now have far more healthy plants. This means, your fruit yield will be greater and plants like lettuces and spinach will flourish. Some farmers have had nearly 80% more fruit on their tomatoes and chilies grown in their hydroponic gardens after using DNF Hydro Sparkle.

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