EZClone Cloning Systems – Large reservoir and deep lid for easy access. High flow-rate EZ-CLONE Mag Drive Pump with Manufacturers Lifetime Warranty*. Custom designed Aeroponic Manifold with 360 degree misters. Custom Collars for easy insertion and extraction of cuttings, and an EZ-CLONE Air Pump providing External Forced Air Intake System for supplying fresh oxygen to root zone. No Humidity Dome required! Use with EZ-CLONE Rooting Compound for optimal results.

Available in
30 clone unit with 750 mag pump(23″x17″x15″)
60 clone unit with 925 mag pump(33″x20″x15″) and
120 clone unit with 1125 Mag Pump(44″x24″x15″)

EZClone Cloning System Not Stocked And Only Available By Special Order

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