Getting It Right In Your Grow Room?

Getting it right in your grow room is never easy. A combination of elements needs to be kept within fairly specific parameters within a growing room in order for you to maintain the health of your plants and to ensure you get the biggest and best possible end result when growing in an artificial environment. The same basic guidelines also apply to greenhouse growers.

The basic elements are.

  • The type of grow lights you use.
  • The temperature within the room and at the canopy.
  • The substrate or medium temperature, ec or ppm and ph levels.
  • The sufficient run off of nutrients and water allowed from pots during watering and feeding.
  • The humidity within the room during different phases of growth.
  • The amount of light energy and light “quality” available to the plants.
  • The ec or ppm and ph of the nutrient solution you feed with.
  • The availability and proper circulation of fresh CO2 laden air within the grow room.
  • The correct feeding or watering of the plants at the appropriate time intervals.
  • The need for zero tolerance with regards to insects and disease in the grow room (clean working habits).
  • The quality of the water and nutrients you feed with.

If all of these factors are kept within reasonably close individual parameters then you’ll have a successful grow room or green house. Of course there may be glitches along the way such as insect infestations, nutrient imbalances, temperature variations and so on but if you are careful, iron out all the kinks as you go along and just keep it simple then you can look forward to many years of successful indoor growing. To avoid dying plants these are just the basics you need to follow. Keeping it simple is the overall key to success!

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