King Wing Adjustable Reflector DE

Hydrotek King Wing Adjustable DE Reflector is a brand new double-ended reflector that is fully adjustable to help get rid of hot spots and shady edges in your garden! The Hydrotek King Wing Adjustable DE Reflector is a new product from Hydrotek that is designed to be used exclusively with double ended lamps. It is simple to assemble (less than 2 minutes), is corrosion resistant, and is constructed with Nanochrome aluminum that is only 25mm thick! The major benefit of the particular reflector is that it has independently adjustable wings which gives you the ability to create a fully customizable light pattern. This allows you to completely eliminate hot spots and shady edges that traditional reflectors tend to cause.

The horticultural lighting industry is currently going through an amazing change. There is new technology that is coming to use from the commercial greenhouse industry. This is what gives us the new double-ended (DE) lamps. This new type of lamp is completely different from the single-ended screw in lamps we are used to.

There are several advantages to the new double-ended technology that allow users to position lights further away from their plants and still get an increased yield:

  • Increased intensity
  • Increased output
  • Increased bulb coverage
  • Independently adjustable wings
  • Nanochrome aluminum
  • 25 mil. thick aluminum
  • Supersize 36 x 36
  • Lamp cord included
  • Lightweight: 9 lbs
  • Creates wider array
  • Fully customizable light pattern
  • Eliminates “hot spots” and “shady edges”
  • Quick assembly
  • Higher luminosity levels per square inch
  • Corrosion resistant
  • Made in Canada
  • ETL listed components
  • Unit Dimensions: 36.0” L x 36.0” W x 11.0” H
  • Unit Weight: 9.0 lb

Watch our mounting video guide:

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