Botanicare Fulvex

Botanicare Fulvex Fulvex is an OMRI listed, liquid trace mineral extract that chelates nutrients and amplifies uptake. Nature’s Problem Solver Formulated using a patented formula, Fulvex Trace Mineral Extract increases the availability of nutrients and enhances mineral diffusion into root cells without the use of harsh chemicals. Fulvex is fortified with magnesium sulfate (a known […]

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Botanicare Pure Blend® Tea

Botanicare Pure Blend® Tea Pure Blend Tea is a soluble compost tea solution that is easily absorbed by plants grown in both soil and soilless mediums. Select ingredients are brewed with beneficial humic acids to release each element’s unique attributes into this versatile blend. Pure Blend Tea, Botanicare’s original flavor and aroma-enhancing supplement, is now […]

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Botanicare Triflex Bloom 1-4-2

Botanicare Triflex Bloom 1-4-2 Triflex® is a scientifically formulated, three-part, bio-organic nutrient system for plants. Triflex incorporates the best features of well known formulas to yield a three-part nutrient of inorganic salts, enhanced with organic based ingredients, which produces incomparable plant growth and development. Triflex enables plants to reach their full genetic potential. Formulated primarily […]

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